Re: training modules

Carol Smith

If you open the FS reader, you should be able to access tutorials from there by pressing control+J.  There are links to tutorials.  If they are not already downloaded and placed in the appropriate place, the program will do this for you.  These are in Daisy format and you can use control+P to toggle play and pause. 

This is a global key command, so as long as the reader is open, it takes presidence over other programs using that key command.  This makes it very handy if you want to practice what you are reading in an open program.  This information should be enough to get you started. 


On 6/8/2017 2:46 PM, Bob Hicks wrote:

I downloaded my version of Jaws 18.  How do I git the training modules into FS reader?  tia


Have a great day!


Bob Hicks


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