Re: Making English the only language?

Tyler Spivey

These are languages in Windows.

I assume you're on Windows 10. Try this to remove extra languages:
1. Press windows+i to open Settings.
2. tab and find Time & language in the list. Press enter.
3. Find Region & language, press enter.
4. in the list of languages, press enter on one and remove it by pressing the Remove button.

On 6/6/2017 8:14 AM, David & his pack of dogs wrote:
I know this question has probably been already asked and answered but,
how do I make English the only language in JAWS? Here is what I’m
encountering. When I copy a product code or, activation number,then try
to exit, I hear, “control,alt,F4. The only way to fix this is to go
into the language menu, control spacebar and cycle through the 3
languages, latin American, French and U S. I should mention this only
happens when I use my right hand to exit, using the left, it is fine.
How do I fix my foul up in settings.

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