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Well, and I don't think you can Alt-Tab back and forth,
unless you pressed Windows-M and put one of them on the
Taskbar. Then you would have them open and could go back and

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This only works if you are using traditional versions of
outlook. If you are using Outlook 360 as part of your job
this does not work.

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Once you are in the inbox or calander in Outlook, hit
Control and 1 for the inbox and Control and 2 for the
calander. Works out of the box.

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Gerry Ellis

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AS someone who is having to make the switch from Window-Eyes
to Jaws, one of the things I most valued with Window-Eyes
was the ability to use a hotkey to pop up the Outlook
Calendar in a separate window so I could alt-tab between my
inbox and the calendar.

Does Jaws have anyway to do this?





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