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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

JAWS is touch-screen-enabled.  However, unlike most of today’s smart phones, it’s my understanding that they’re not required. In other words, just because you have a touch screen doesn’t mean you must use it.  I had to upgrade my phone last year, and everything decent these days is touch-enabled, but I still dislike the things, and hope and pray they never become mandatory in computing.




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Subject: High performance all in one computers and JAWS


I’m a long-time JAWS user, though certainly not an expert or programmer. I am totally blind. I need to upgrade both JAWS (currently running version 16 on Windows 8 computers) and get a new computer. When I last got new computers I avoided the touch screen by customizing both a desktop and a laptop. I am looking for information on how JAWS is doing with these PCs with touch screens, does it work at all? If not, can they be disabled?  And how much sighted assistance I might need out of the box with a new PC to get things up and running?

I’m not sure what kind of computer I’m going to get; I’m shopping now, but it will be a high performance, capacity computer. I’m a professional who probably uses my computer about 12 hours per day, or more. In addition to the usual entertainment purposes, I use MS Office continuously, Online learning management software, and I analyze data using large datasets in SAS, STATA or SPSS (depending upon what features of accessibility and computing I need at the time). In other words, I tend to melt down or crash your average computer with the specks generally recommended for JAWS users within 3 months, so I tend to go way up scale with a better processer and large amounts of memory. However, I’ve found with high performance computers out of the box I have difficulties with JAWS; for example they are set up for surround sound or have some kind of screen setting and JAWS will not work until I can find a sighted person to customize the sound or other settings for me.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a high performance computer that will work well with JAWS? Any suggestions on where I can get quick, useful, information about how JAWS is performing with all-in-one touch screen enabled computers?





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