Re: Excel bothers me How to customize it?

Bissett, Tom <tom.bissett@...>

The only way I can find to change the order is by changing the script.  Below is the script


Script SayCell()

If OnSpreadSheet()

&& !OnFormulaBar() then


   if CellReadingVerbosity() == readCellContentsAndCoordinates then



;  SayCell()




I commented out the line


And copied it And pasted it in the script just above the third “if” statement as shown above



Tom Bisset


From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2017 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Excel bothers me How to customize it?



Thank you, Do I have to do this for every spread sheet.?


I want to hear the coordenants before the contents not after. I want to hear A2, meadows plaza not Meadows plaza A2

I looked around and found the spot to turn off the coordinates but not how to reverse the order of what is spoken. Is this one of the advanced settings of the verbosity settings?


Thanks again


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Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 2:30 PM
Subject: Re: Excel bothers me How to customize it?


I can help you with the column headers, but I’m not sure why my coordinates speak after the data.


To set the column headers to read the way you want do the following:

One, Go to a1 and tap the alt key to bring up the upper ribbon and arrow to the formulas tab.

2.  down arrow to the lower ribbon and right arrow to the Define Names tab.

3.  Hit enter.

4.  Hit alt+n to create a new name.

5.  Write the word “title” without the quotes and hit enter.

6.  tab to the close button and hit spacebar.

Now, when you arrow down a column, it will speak the contents of the cell, but if you right arrow or tab, you will hear the column title.  As you down arrow, you will also hear the row title.

I hope that helps,



From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12:05 PM
Subject: Excel bothers me How to customize it?


Hi all,

I use spread sheets every single day.

I have opened an excel sheet and when I am arrowing through it I am hearing things that are just…. Yucky!

1                     there is this annoying voice that speaks the cell coordinates.


I have futzed around with the voices so what I don’t know is which one of the voices is doing this.  It is the same one that says the status of a message in Outlook un-read, forwarded and replied.  And gives the erroneous indexes of the messages. (for some reason it always gives x of 44.)

2                     I don’t like hearing the contents and then the cell coordinates after.

I want to reverse the order. How can I do that?

3      How to make the entire first row  column headers and have it only report when I change columns? I don’t want to hear it when I stay in the same column.



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