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Hi. well, you can code it by hand, in notepad, like java, but c++, c# you use visual studio 2017 community edition, which has android, ios, and other languages, for designing windows apps, ios, android. Doing a diploma of software development and using jaws 18, windows 10 64 bit pro, and learning about cloud services,using amazon webservices. So, yes, you use the c++ project in visual studio, and then use the designer to then add your controls, like buttons, etc, then use the code editor using the procedure stubs, or click events, in visual studio. You could also use eclipse for java development and for the latest mac and ios, apple has developed swift, you can use that, but only on mac, and use voice over. So that’s a few ideas for you. Hope that helps. With the designer, you may need sighted help, as a double check, as well, had to have sighted help when I was developing a windows mobile claculatorcalculator for my certificate iv programming which I did online from and I use, which is very accessible, you can read transcripts of courses, listen to video, and also download exercise files.

Hope this helps.

Marvin from adelaide, australia.

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