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Hi Sandra,
These steps are for IE:
Here's the file path of where you want to go:
C:\Program Files\Adblock Plus for IE\html\templates\index.html
1. Open Ad Block Plust in the Programs Files folder.
2. Open the HTML folder.
3. Open the Templates folder & inside you'll find:
These are the settings when you first installed the program & are the default settings.
Open this to change your options / settings.  Arrow down to, Allow some non-intrusive advertising, & uncheck this box if you don't want any ads to show.
For Chrome & Firefox:
In both Firefox and Chrome in their current releases, Adblock Plus puts a button on the main toolbar to the right of the address box.  It looks like a small red octagon with ABP in the middle for both, but on Firefox there is a small dropdown arrow on the right side of the button.

In Chrome, if you click on it you get something that appears to be a menu, but these days I doubt it is a menu, but at the bottom of whatever object it is there is a button or link for Options.

In Firefox, if the button is activated a dropdown menu appears with Options as the last menu item.  A button to contribute to Adblock Plus appears below that Options item.

Poor Brian. Poor well-meaning but misguided Brian. (I'm giving him a hard time as we have been having conversation off list.)

Mario, let me help you out.

If you're using Adblock Plus on Internet Explorer, the installer is a good old-fashioned Execute file. It creates a folder in Program Files, which is what Mike referred to earlier. In that sense, it is a program of sorts. And the way you edit the settings for Internet explorer is from an HTML document in that folder, which is the address Mike referenced.

Brian is correct that in Firefox (and presumably in Chrome too) it's an extension or add-on. So you are correct that it doesn't create a program folder for you. However, Brian can see things we can't see, like toolbars. So he's directing you to a toolbar which would be perfectly correct if you could find it. I wish we could access it that way, because hovering over that toolbar button shows you the number of ads blocked on the current page, which I think would be kind of fun to see. But it doesn't work that way for us. The good news, however, is that in Firefox, on the Tools menu, at the very bottom--right below Options--is an Adblock Plus submenu (as JAWS reads it), that will take you to the options screen. You don't get to see how many ads have been blocked, but you can easily manage your settings that way.
Hope that clears up any confusion.
Take care.
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Take care.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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I’ve successfully used Adblock for a while, but unfortunately, because I don’t often actually have to actively do anything, and now want to change some settings, I have plum forgotten how to get to it using JAWS. Please respond with ideas. thanks!

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