Re: Excel bothers me How to customize it?


I'd be interested in the answer to #2 also; how to reverse the
announcement of the cell contents followed by the coordinates.

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Subject: Excel bothers me How to customize it?

Hi all,

I use spread sheets every single day.

I have opened an excel sheet and when I am arrowing through it I am
hearing things that are just…. Yucky!

1 there is this annoying voice that speaks the cell

I have futzed around with the voices so what I don’t know is which one
of the voices is doing this. It is the same one that says the status of
a message in Outlook un-read, forwarded and replied. And gives the
erroneous indexes of the messages. (for some reason it always gives x of

2 I don’t like hearing the contents and then the
cell coordinates after.

I want to reverse the order. How can I do that?

3 How to make the entire first row column headers and have it only
report when I change columns? I don’t want to hear it when I stay in the
same column.



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