Re: How do I read comments/notes in red?

Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

I'm new to Jaws, but Window-eyes had an option to have font attributes read out automatically I think.
I'm not finding that option in Jaws.
No one wants to have to check each word.
Are they done in a comment?
Jaws should have a way to announce comments, but who knows.
Is your boss using Track Changes or are they just coloring them Red? If they are just changing the color, That would be less than bright, in my biased opinion.


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Subject: How do I read comments/notes in red?

Hi Folks,
My manager insists on making notes or comments in red on information and documents I receive through Outlook. I am using Win 10 and Office 16 with latest JAWS.
Can anyone give me some strategies to work out how to know when the font colour has changed to red so I can work out my Manager's notes/comments?

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