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If this information can be turned off, can it be rearranged, instead of saying clickable first and then the link to the item could that be last in case you just wanted to pass through it? Thanks Shannon

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you can try the following:
in Settings Center under the Web / HTML / PDFs category, there is a
subcategory labeled Miscellaneous. under Miscellaneous there is a
setting labeled Indicate Element Attribute. unchecking this setting will
stop Jaws from saying "Clickable".

however, it's not recommended since there are times when you will miss
out on clickable elements that actually trigger actions, such as on
banking sites.

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Jaws seems to love to say "clickable" on every bloody item that could
possibly be clicked on. Is there a way to change that?
I was on a page of search results and could hardly figure out what the
heck it was saying beyond clickable.


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