FW: [win10] APP being blocked?


Sorry If this is duplicating to some of you that are on multiple lists.

I really need to know how to fix this.

Windows 10 is blocking a feature of WE that I really need.

I know this is a Jaws list but… I am trying to learn JAWS and until I have sufficient skills I have to rely on WE.

The OCR feature of JAWS has a similar counterpart in WE called Virtual View. When I try to use this it is blocked and says that it is for my protection.

How can I get it unblocked?

I have posted this to many lists, the WE list, the Win 10 list and now here in the hopes that some one knows how this is done.


Much thanks all around.


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I didn’t see any reply to my question.

I use the Virtual View feature of WE frequently. Until I get JAWS configured right and my knowledge gets better I need to use WE.

Can anyone tell me how to  tell WIN 10 to allow the app?


I use it to get the raw start and stop times on the time card view in the time tracking program at work. I know that JAWS could OCR it for me but with Jaws I can’t get this information to show on the screen.


Thank you.


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Subject: [win10] APP being blocked?


Good morning,

I am running Win 10 now. I am still using WE for now. I have all 4 options on this system WE, JAWS, NVDA and NARATOR.

WE has a similar feature as JAWS convenient OCR.

When I try to use it I am getting a pop up telling me that This app has been blocked for my protection. For more information contact my administrator.


Well, I have ad min rights. There is no option on this pop up to allow the app anyway.

This OS seems to be just as flakey as the win 8.1 that I was using.

How can I allow APPS that Windows thinks I shouldn’t?

What else has it blocked that I don’t know about yet?


Thanks for the help.


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