problem with Jaws and, at least, Thunderbird

Carol Smith

Hello Group Members,

I am running Win7 PC with Jaws 18 and have a problem wherein when reading messages in Thunderbird, I press enter on a message and everything is fine for a number of messages. Then, all of a sudden, Jaws will read the subject line and add something about where my email files are stored and then, there is no more speech. Sometimes, well, at least twice, it worked for me to invoke the touch cursor and then the PC cursor and Jaws would read the email.

I can tab out of the email and Jaws will read everything else, but going back to the email message, there is no speech. It is not related to one message, as I can go back to a message that was already read and it will have the same issue.

The only way I have found to solve the issue is to unload Jaws and start it up again.

Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes, I will reload and only get through a couple of messages before this happens again. At other times, I can do all of my email, often with over 100 messages with no trouble at all.

Thank you.


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