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Les Kriegler <kriegler@...>

Hi Laura,

Well, I went searching for the option you want. It's like looking for a
needle in a haystack! But here it is. When Word is running, Alt-F followed
by T for Settings. There is a list of categories. Arrow down to advanced
and start tabbing. You will have to tab several times, but you should find
an option that asks if you wish backup copies of your files to be created.
I'm guessing that option is checked on your system. Press Space Barr to
uncheck, and tab to OK and press enter. That should do it. Good luck.


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A few days ago I received a new laptop with Windows 10, MS Word 2016 and
Jaws 18. The tech person copied all my folders and files from my old laptop
to the new one; the old laptop has Windows 7, MS Word 2010 and Jaws 15. I'm
having major issues with all of my files on the new laptop with Word 2016.


I opened a file called corn casserole;

it says "corn casserole (compatibility mode) - word print view edit"

I made changes and closed the document (It asked me if I want to save
changes and I said yes)

Now, in the documents list there is a file called corn casserole with the
changes I made and there is a file called backup of corn casserole that does
not have those changes I made.

If I open that backup corn casserole file and make a change and then close
it I now have a file that says backup of backup corn casserole.

This happens every time with any and all files that I open and make changes
to. I have hundreds of files and there are many I open and make changes to
quite often.

Is there a setting or a way to fix this problem so I don't end up with
hundreds of backup and backup of backup files? Thank you for any help or


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