Compatibility issues

Laura Richardson



A few days ago I received a new laptop with Windows 10, MS Word 2016 and Jaws 18.  The tech person copied all my folders and files from my old laptop to the new one; the old laptop has Windows 7, MS Word 2010 and Jaws 15.  I’m having major issues with all of my files on the new laptop with Word 2016.



I opened a file called corn casserole;

it says “corn casserole (compatibility mode) - word print view edit”

I made changes and closed the document (It asked me if I want to save changes and I said yes)


Now, in the documents list there is a file called corn casserole with the changes I made and there is a file called backup of corn casserole that does not have those changes I made.


If I open that backup corn casserole file and make a change and then close it I now have a file that says backup of backup corn casserole.


This happens every time with any and all files that I open and make changes to.  I have hundreds of files and there are many I open and make changes to quite often.


Is there a setting or a way to fix this problem so I don’t end up with hundreds of backup and backup of backup files?  Thank you for any help or suggestions.





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