Re: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?

Ashleigh Piccinino


I wonder if it would be in your JAWS startup wizard. As you go into there with insert j for the JAWS window, and alt h for the help menue before uparrowing to startup wizard, go to the page with your start JAWS at stuff and probably check the box that says “Start JAWS at log-on screen.” This might work ut don’t know; never done it. I always use the combobox which says has the start JAWS after log-on for thing. That, to me, seems the easier way, but there’s more than one way to do stuff, I guess. Try it and see if it doesn’t work.



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From: Dale Heltzer
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Subject: Re: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?


Get a solid-state drive.



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Subject: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?


I got a slight scare earlier this morning.  I restarted the computer and there was no JAWS starting up.  NVDA started up on the login screen but then went silent.  JAWS finally came on.  My question is, is there anyway to get it to come on quicker?  Honestly, I could have drank a cup of coffee waiting for JAWS to start speaking. 


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