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Hi David,
You can try the following, it worked for me:
Note: The steps below were performed running Windows 7 & JAWS versions 15 thru 18.  These steps won't work with Windows 8 or 10, & why they won't is below my steps.
For those of you that have Jaws set to start at the Windows log-in screen, but it doesn't, this might work for you.  I looked in, msconfig, & found that JAWS Freedom Scientific wasn't at the top of the list on the Start-up Page / Tab, so this is what I did.
1. Press, Windows key + R, to open the run dialog.
2. Type, *msconfig*, without the stars, & press enter.
3. Press, control + tab, until you get to the, Start-up Page / Tab.
4. I arrowed down the list, & unchecked any items above, JAWS Freedom Scientific, on the Start-up Page / Tab.
Note: Only uncheck the items / programs above JAWS Freedom Scientific, & nothing else.  Pay close attention to what you uncheck because you are going to recheck these items / programs shortly.
5. Tab to the, Okay, button, press the spacebar, & tab 1 time to, Restart, & press enter to restart your computer.
6. Once your computer is booted up repeat steps 1 thru 3, & you will notice that JAWS Freedom Scientific is now at the top of the list.
7. Now, arrow down the list of items / programs on the Start-up Page / Tab, check the items / programs that you unchecked previously, & repeat step #5.
Now Jaws should start on the Windows log-in screen when your computer starts.  I did the above steps on 4 different computers, both desktop & lattop, &I'm not going to say it works everytime, but it sure works most of the time, which I can say is a damn site better than before I followed the above steps.
Take care.
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From: jyandt.martin@...
I followed your instructions and when I got to the Start Up Page tab, I
could not arrow down any list. I pressed the tab button and still did not
find any programs list for start up. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
From: Reed
This doesn't work with Windows 10.  In 10, when you get to that StartUp tab,
you have to click on a link that takes you to Task Manager.
In my 10, the items in the StartUp tab seem to be sorted by name; not the
order of running.  Also in my 10, I have an Enable/Disable button as opposed
to a check/uncheck items.  So, I'd have to do more research to determine the
order in which the programs are loaded and how to change this order.
I've done a Google search and can't find anything that tells me how to do it

From: Scorpio
That's because anything from Windows 8 and up, the configuration file does
not handle start up items, the task manager does.

It will only work from Windows 7 and down.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Thanks Melissa.  Because my sister gave me the computer on loan, and it had to be reserected twice from the blue screen, my first thought was it’s died. Not a good thing when you have a remote scheduled in 9 hours and it all happens in the wee hours of the morning, think I have to cut back on the coffee.  LOL.  


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I don’t think that there is a way to speed up start time for Jaws.  I’ve had this happen to me also.  There were times when I didn’t think that Jaws was going to start.




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Subject: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?


I got a slight scare earlier this morning.  I restarted the computer and there was no JAWS starting up.  NVDA started up on the login screen but then went silent.  JAWS finally came on.  My question is, is there anyway to get it to come on quicker?  Honestly, I could have drank a cup of coffee waiting for JAWS to start speaking. 


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