Re: Can I separate the arrow keys from the number pad?


Yes, this is exactly what I wanted to know. I use the T arrow keys all the time just to check out the text I am on or up and down but often need access to that mouse too. So separating these is very cool otherwise I have to constantly keep checking and or changing the perspective of the information.

Kevin just posted another observation.

He said that separating the keys still uses the Jaws voice to report is that true?

I haven’t made the change yet.

All these cursers and voices are cool but sort of confusing. At the moment I have played with the pc voice and it is different from all the other choices. In fact they are all different from each other. I thought it might be  easier to tell “Who” is giving feedback.

I am sort of confused by why this voice is being used and that one is not?

Example in Outlook. I am arrowing up and down through the list of messages. I used Nathan as the PC voice but when I get to a message I have not read yet the Keyboard voice Alison is reporting the status of Unread?  And she is also telling me the index of the item at the very last of each message even if the message has been read?

I don’t understand that.

So if Kevin is right and the T arrow keys are going to review at the PC level they are going to talk with the JAWS voice who I have set to Samantha?


So this is still going to get confusing?




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Yes you can separate the extended keys from the numpad keys using jaws.

You first need to open the jaws settings sinter by pressing the jaws key plus the number 6 at the same time and then

if you want to make this the default, press control shift and the letter d at the same time.

Then go down until you hear jaws say, keyboard closed, then right arrow to open it, then go down until

you hear jaws say separate extended keys from numpad and press space bar to check it.

there may be quite a few settings in the settings sinter you may want to change, if you don’t understand what something means just press the tab key and jaws will explain it to you.

When you are dun just press alt f4 to get out of it and then press the space bar to save your settings.

I hope this helps, if someone knows another way please let me know. I hope this is what you wanted to know.


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Subject: Re: Can I separate the arrow keys from the number pad?


I believe you can set the cursor you want and then turn on the numlock for numbers.  When you are ready to change your Jaws keys, turn off the numpad.


On 6/2/2017 10:31 AM, Shannon wrote:


I would like to know if I can separate the arrow keys from the number pad? I want the PC curser and the virtual pc curser to use the inverted T arrow keys and have the various JAWS curser, Invisible curser, and the Touch curser to use the number pad keys.

Can I do that and if so how do I do it?




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