Re: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?


There are times when Windows is busy cleaning up some mess or finishing updates that take longer than expected.


My old machine was taking 4 minutes to jaws speech.  It was not a slow machine but had been running for two years without much in the way of cleanup.  I installed a SSD and the boot time dropped to24 seconds without making any other changes.


My new Xeon Win 10machine with a faster SSD and more RAM takes twice as long to boot.  So much for progress.





From: [] On Behalf Of David & his pack of dogs
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2017 3:51 AM
Subject: Speeding up the JAWS starting time?


I got a slight scare earlier this morning.  I restarted the computer and there was no JAWS starting up.  NVDA started up on the login screen but then went silent.  JAWS finally came on.  My question is, is there anyway to get it to come on quicker?  Honestly, I could have drank a cup of coffee waiting for JAWS to start speaking. 

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