Driver update utility which is useable with JAWS

Dave Durber

Hello everyone:
Well, the subject says it all. I have recently acquired a Toshiba Laptop, which is about 4 years old.
I used a talking install of Windows 7 Professional to install said operating system.
I Then installed JAWS 14.
I have downloaded and installed all the updates for said operating system.
In addition, I installed Java and Flash Player.
Our next door neighbour came in the other day and told me that the computer's monitor was black.
I downloaded a driver update utility, which indicated that the Freedom scientific Mirror Driver was being used by Windows 7 as the default video driver.
Unfortunately, unlike audio devices which might be connected, either internally or externally to a computer, where you can choose which audio device is the default sound card, it appears, that the same capability is not available for choosing which display/video driver should be the default device.
So far, I have tried two driver download utilities, neither is very accessible or easy to use with JAWS. One of which, using the JAWS cursor, I can find and click the "Update Drivers" button but, I cannot insert the License key to register the program.
The other, I could register the program but, after clicking the button to start the driver download process, there is a confirmation box which opens with "yes" and "no" buttons. I tried clicking the "Yes" button with the JAWS left mouse button, only to be met with the Windows Ding sound. I pressed the ENTER key, hoping that would acknowledge the confirmation to start the download, only to be returned to the Desktop.
So, I come to the fund of knowledge, where, hopefully, there are members on this list, who can suggest/recommend such a utility which, if not 100 % user-friendly using JAWS, can be used without too much difficulty.
I am hoping that such a utility can detect the correct display/video driver, download, install it and change the setting in Windows to make sure that the new display/video driver is the default driver, with the result that readable text will be displayed on the screen instead of the screen being black.
Thank you in advance
Dave Durber

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