Re: some huge dropbox problems

Ralf Kefferpuetz

How is that related to Jaws?

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Subject: some huge dropbox problems

Hey guys,

OK, anyone on here good with dropbox. Something isn't right here. So i am on my backup computer and i installed dropbox. My dropbox foler on my old computer was stored on 1 of my external harddrives. OK, so it's still there. Here's my problem. I am trying to point dropbox under preferences to go there, and it's just not happpening. I point it to my D drive, and it says error, this location already contains a dropbox folder. What do i do here guys, i'm missing something? None of my files are on the dropbox websight from what i can tell, but they are in the folder on my drive, but yet it said it's up to date. Any ideas?

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