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First, instead of removing via add/remove programs in the control panel, go
to the version of JAWS you want in the programs menu. Click on that version
and arrow down to "uninstall." The wizard will take you through the process.

Second, my computer completely crashed when I removed JAWS 8, and I couldn't
get my later versions to read after that. I had to call on a computer
consultant for help, and he couldn't do so from a remote location because my
computer wouldn't boot up far enough. Other listers report similar
experiences when removing 8 and, as I recall, 7. I suggest you call on
sighted Assistance to ensure the versions of JAWS you keep still work after
the uninstall.

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Is it possible to remove older versions of JFW without adversely effecting
the current version in use? If so, how? When I try to use the add/remove
feature in the control panel, the installation wizard starts to come up.
Obviously I'm not interested in that since I'm trying to uninstall it.

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