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Actually, Windows-B is a Windows command, and gives more information than Insert-F11. When I press Insert-F11, I get eight items read, but when I press Windows-B, I get those plus my clock read. I know that there is the JAWS command for the clock, Insert-F12; nevertheless, the Windows-B provides more information.

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You might try windows key plus B

On 5/31/2017 12:22 PM, Don H wrote:

I am one of those chosen that only get two items listed in the system tray when using insert F11 to read the system tray. I reported this issue to FS and I gust finished a tandem session with them. The Tech was able to see that indeed the insert F11 function was not working as it should on my system. He said he would report the issue to the next level as it is definitely not working as it should.

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