Re: Statistical Software



        The only thing I'll disagree with you on is the "for good reason" part.  At this point in history there are any number of open-source projects, PSPP happening to be one of them but Libre Office, NVDA, Chromium, and the list goes on, that are well established as stable, viable products.

         But my main point was that there is no clear indication that SPSS is fully accessible, and PSPP may be better in that regard.  Also, I was not (and am not) certain that the original questioner may not be doing freelance work or working for a very small company.  There are definite limits to what a state vocational rehabilitation agency is will be willing to pay.  Just now looking at the IBM SPSS Page to buy the most basic version as a single user desktop application costs $1,210 per year (with one year of technical support), and most won't buy subscription services (which is nearly the same cost at $99/month).  For the ultra premium package the cost is $8050.  See:   You would need to have a mighty solid case, with almost ironclad requirement that this was not "an experiment," before most would put out that kind of money for a non-mainstream and non-assistive technology.  (Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.  Multiple times).

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