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On 5/30/2017 9:26 PM, doug slotten wrote:
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I have not yet tried the control + alt + M yet, but I will. I do not relish
having to power down my computer again.
Nevertheless, I will give it a try.
I highlight the words for my sighted colleagues. It brings focus for the
comment to the specific words. The highlighted words have their color
changed, and the pointer leads from those words to the comment box.
Also, JAWS identifies the txt so-highlighted by saying "has comment."
There is no danger that the highlighted terms will end up in the comment.
I have used comments like this for years. It is only recently that there
has been a problem. Perhaps it is just JAWS, but perhaps it is a recent
Word update coupled with JAWS.
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Subject: Re: Comments in Microsoft Word
Ed, I don't use Word 2013, but as a suggestion, try pressing
control+alt+m to add the comment as an alternative to the application
key method. please explain the reason for selecting words relative to a
comment? by doing this, might the words that are selected get inserted into
the comment, or might you be wanting to do something else?
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Subject: Comments in Microsoft Word
Using JAWS 18 and Microsoft 2013, I have started encountering huge problems
with comments. I swear these used to work.
Now, if I highlight words relevant to a comment, press applications key, and
select "New Comment" Word 2013 goes into a perpetual loop. The little
arrows, I am told, go round and round. Of course, the system is locked and
will respond to nothing. One cannot type in the comment box.
Sometimes it takes 5 or 10 minutes for Word to recover. Sometimes it
never recovers.
It seems this is related to JAWS. The behavior does not occur with JAWS
turned off, and it does not occur if I use NVDA.
I'll report to Freedom Scientific, or whoever they are now, but I'm hoping
someone on the list has encountered, and overcome, this problem.
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