Re: Windows update screen

Don H

Please explain how you use the jaws cursor to read this screen. I am a Jaws newbe and don't fully understand all the cursors available with Jaws.

On 5/30/2017 9:18 PM, James Homuth wrote:
I can read the screen line by line with the JAWS cursor, but that's about
it. Otherwise it's tab all the way. As for why, that's a question for the
ages and would be a mighty fine topic if we had one or two MS employees
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Subject: Windows update screen
I am finding that neither Window Eyes, NVDA or Jaws will read the screen for
the windows update.
Here is what I do.
Hit the start button and in the edit box type windows update and hit enter.
The next screen has a button for checking for updates as well as a lot of
other info. I can tab through some of the items but I can find no way to
read the screen line by line with the arrow keys or mouse keys.
Why is this screen so difficult to read?

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