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this is for windows 7 and firefox 45 esr.
thanks. this kind of works.
i can enter the bookmark list once. but after i click a bookmark and the next page loads the virtual cursor turns back on. so if i don't press jaws z every time before i press f6 to get back to the bookmark list it will hang again.
i don't have these problems if i use nvda.

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I have never tried this, but try insert-z which turns off the virtual
cursor -- that might work.

On Tue, 30 May 2017 20:15:29 -0400,
netbat66 wrote:

is there a hot key to turn msaa off? browse mode for win eyes.
both jaws and win eyes will hang every time i open the firefox
bookmark list with control l or control b? alt b etc.
but with win eyes i can turn browse mode off before i open the
bookmark list and it will work fine. then turn it back on after i
am through searching and close the list.

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