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I'm little confused about uploading music files to my library. If I already
have a folder for a artist in the library and there are an album in it with
some songs. How do you add another album to the artist's folder in the
library. I tried to add a folder to library, were I selected the artist name
to upload. I was thinking the album in the artist folder that was already in
my library would be ignored and the new album would be the only thing
upload. But it didn't work like that I ended up with the album that was
already in the library having duplicate songs.


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I personally don't like winamp, I use itunes. There is itunes scripts
availible but I use mine without any scripts and without any problems.
Apparently the scripts adds a lot of shortcuts but I never needed
anything more than tab, F6, space and the arrow keys. Some people
don't like the way itunes diggs in to your music and rearanges it in a
way but I personally like it and I have about 70 GB of music, If you
have any other questions about itunes just ask.

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vlc, Winamp, iTunes ...

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Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement music player for
media player? I'm currently using the media player in Windows 7
but it's
kind of annoying when the shuffle is on and it plays the same song
back to

And it's probably a real old thing to ask but can anyone let me
have the
best of the singing JAWS.


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