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are you useing a add on that will block java scripts. like no script. many page control buttons like continue, submit etc. will not activate if the java scripts are blocked.
are you useing a ad blocker? if so try turning off for your banking page.

if the confirmation is a pop up it could also be the firefox popup blocker. try turning this off to see if the page loads.

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From: Kevin Hourigan
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 3:38 PM
Subject: On Line Banking

Greetings Group,

I am attempting to make a payment on line from my banking site. After entering the information in the appropriate fields I exit the table and arrow down to a pay bills button. When I press space bar or enter on that button the cursor returns to the amount edit field in the payments table, and the people at the bank tell me I should be getting a confirmation page instead. They indicated that it is a technical issue due to my screen reader.

Any suggestions, please?

Jaws 18, Windows 10, IE, all latest build

Thank you,


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