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Soronel Haetir

One changes language/region the other keyboard layout within a single language.

IE, changing languages is the difference between US English, UK
English, Belgian French and Colombian Spanish while keyboard layout
is the difference between standard qwerty layout, standard dvorak,
left hand dvorak and right hand dvorak.

Note that layouts are specific to a given language/region.

On 5/30/17, David & his pack of dogs <> wrote:
Switching to Win10. I think that was part of the problem. I was using
windows 7 commands to change the keyboard language. Control shift instead
of the alt shift, in windows 10. Oh well, we learn something new every day.

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David, that says something about you, even if it doesn't make that keyboard
issue any better. For me, it's control-shift that does it. I believe one
must go and change it under language and region, but don't quote me on
In windows 10, you have this handy switch that involves the spacebar. That
is so much better and it almost makes me want to switch to Sin10. I have
trouble when I use a dictionary software called WordFinder, for I get
inadvertent changes as I go and look up English-Swedish definition or vice
versa. You need the US layout as you operate the program, the Swedish (or
whatever other language) for the word you're trying to find... And, of
course, when you are in the "other-language" layout, your regular windows
hotkeys won't react like you're used to. So, when you think you just hit
control-s to save something, your system opens Sonar or SoundForge, or
whatever program you've given the hotkey control-alt-s. Oh, aren't we glad
of all these ways of wasting our time....


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Well, I have 3 languages on my computer as well. Argentine Spanish, French
and English U S. The alt shift command works. We must have strange things
happen or be called strange if not, the world would be boring. I don't know
about all of you, but, my best man's sister said to my new wife, "Being
married to David, I guarantee life will never be boring."

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Now here is a funny thing ...

I have 3 keyboard languages installed; Irish, United Kingdom and United

Hitting alt and shift gives me a different result from hitting control and
shift. In one particular case when I am in United States, hitting control
and shift does nothing at all.

Very strange!

Take care,

Gerry Ellis

If you don't know where you're going,
How will you know when you get there?

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Ah, hah, the mystery is solved. Yes, hitting alt and shift, did switch the
keyboard language. I tested it while listening to your message. Then of
course, had to use the prior commands to switch it back to U S. Thanks.

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Subject: Changing Keyboard Languages

I don't know if it's the same for yours, but pressing alt+shift on my
keyboard by itself switched the language whether I wanted it to or not. I
used to do that frequently when I was intending to do something else. I
don't know of a way to disable that feature, so I ended up removing every
keyboard language on the system except the one I was using. Bing bang boom
problem solved.

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Subject: Re: JAWS tutorials?

Once again I fouled up the language on my keyboard. I just went into the
start menu and typed out my request for "How do I change the language on my
keyboard" Don't know if it was JAWS or the info itself. But, it said to
hold down the windows key and cycle through the languages by continueing to
hit the space bar till I heard the language I wanted. So, if it was a JAWS
tutorial, it was very helpful. To date, I have no idea how I switched
languages on the keyboard in the first place. But, at least I know now,
to fix my screw ups.

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Subject: Re: Newby

Hi Vic,

Welcome! The only silly question is the one you don't ask. The JAWS help
topics are very helpful and this list even more so.

Good luck with learning JAWS.

Lee Anne

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Subject: Newby


I am a new convert from the debunked Window-Eyes screen reader. I am trying
to learn JAWS as quickly as possible. I may ask some very silly questions.
hope you will bear with me during this process. Thanks in advance for any

Vic Beckley

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Soronel Haetir

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