Re: can't get punctuation some to stay

Soronel Haetir

I don't see any discrepancy, the two do different things.

Say for one application you want '?' to still be spoken despite your
using a setting of 'no punctuation' for that profile, you would modify
the settings center punctuation dialog in that case. But as far as I
am aware, the punctuation level in use is strictly a matter of the
voice profile in use and is not effected by the application profile
(of course, you could go through the punctuation dialog and alter
every symbol individually but that would be a slow way to perform that
particular task when you could just create a different profile

Does that clear up why I answered these two questions in the way I did?

On 11/16/11, Deb and Cori <> wrote:
I have just installed jaws 13.
I am using windows xp, outlook express, and a desk pc.

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