Re: strange dropbox issue

Gudrun Brunot

Jed: the option is now called "copy Dropbox link." So, I go to system tray with Jaws 11. Arrow to dropbox; Enter to open the dropbox menu; press Enter to open the dropbox folder; find the file in the folder where you stored it; hit the applications key (right side, left of the control key.) Find "Copy dropbox link." That shoud do it. I hope it does.


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Subject: strange dropbox issue

Hey guys,

OK, so i've got dropbox up and running, but am running into a strange
problem. I'm running the latest jfw. I wanna send a link to a file.
When i go to dropbox, i see my file lies. Trying to do a shift f10,
and 1 of the options use to be create dropbox link. It's not there.
Any ideas of why? In my system tray it says all my files are up to
date, but just very interesting how it's not working. Any ideas?

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