Re: file index

Don H

Yes I have detail view set for file explorer. As I have found which verbosity mode you have set determines the availability of file indexes. Beginner and intermediate mode will give you some indexing. However I have found that even then the speaking of indexes is spottie at best. Of course this is what is happening on my Win 10 64 bit laptop and latest version of Jaws. My keyboard setting is desktop as I have a separate number pad.

On 5/27/2017 9:24 AM, Martha Reaney wrote:
Have you confirmed what view you have set in File Explorer? You may
want to confirm that you have the detailed view. I'm having a senior
moment and cannot remember how to confirm or change the view setting in
File Explorer, but, I bet someone else on the list will pipe up with
that help. If not, maybe VFO tech support can provide the help.
Good luck!
On Sat, 27 May 2017 06:23:54 -0700
"Shai" <shaiwol@...> wrote:
Hello Don,
Yes, when I press the insert up arrow command, I do receive the file
or folder name followed by the index number. In my documents folder
for example, when I press the insert up arrow command I get the name
of the folder followed by 2 of 78. This is with JAWS18 on a Windows10
On 5/27/17, Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:
> I sent a question to VFO tech support concerning how to get Jaws to give
> a index number when arrowing down a list of files and folders in file
> explorer. In other words when arrowing down the file name is spoken
> followed by 1 of 20 etc. Their suggestion was to use insert up arrow to
> get this info. When I do this it repeats the line I am on but does not
> include a index number. Anyone getting the insert up arrow to give a
> index number?
> Thanks

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