Re: file index

Martha Reaney <mreaney@...>


Have you confirmed what view you have set in File Explorer? You may
want to confirm that you have the detailed view. I'm having a senior
moment and cannot remember how to confirm or change the view setting in
File Explorer, but, I bet someone else on the list will pipe up with
that help. If not, maybe VFO tech support can provide the help.

Good luck!


On Sat, 27 May 2017 06:23:54 -0700
"Shai" <> wrote:

Hello Don,
Yes, when I press the insert up arrow command, I do receive the file
or folder name followed by the index number. In my documents folder
for example, when I press the insert up arrow command I get the name
of the folder followed by 2 of 78. This is with JAWS18 on a Windows10

On 5/27/17, Don H <> wrote:
> I sent a question to VFO tech support concerning how to get Jaws to give
> a index number when arrowing down a list of files and folders in file
> explorer. In other words when arrowing down the file name is spoken
> followed by 1 of 20 etc. Their suggestion was to use insert up arrow to
> get this info. When I do this it repeats the line I am on but does not
> include a index number. Anyone getting the insert up arrow to give a
> index number?
> Thanks

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