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I will try your suggestions.  Using insert t only reads the title bar, though. I tried that before and all I got was where I was downloading it from.  Probably need to set it up propperly first.   

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Hi David,


Yes, there is a setting, but it takes a little more than just this setting.  1st press, Insert / Jaws key + 6, on the number row to open the Settings Center, then press, control, shift, + D, to open Settings Center default all applications.

2. Arrow down to, User, right arrow to open.

3. Arrow down to, Progress Updates Announcement, & press the spacebar to toggle through your options.  If you want an explanation of this, tab 1 time to Read only, & this is what you'll get.

Programs often use progress bars to show the status of a process, such as an installation. Select an interval in this list to determine how often JAWS announces the state of progress bars during a process. Select "Announce All" if you want JAWS to read progress bars as changes occur. Select "Off" if you do not want to hear progress bar information. The default is to announce progress bar updates at 5 second Intervals.

4. If you make any changes tab to, Okay, & press enter to save & close.


Now, these keystrokes are for IE11 when downloading:

After starting the download press, control + J.  Now, press any of these keystroke combinations to get the percentage / status of the download:

Insert + Tab.

Insert + B.

Insert + T.


Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: JAWS & the % of download?


When downloading a file is it possible for JAWS to tell you the percentage of the download?  Or, is it browser driven.  Google does not tell you how much has been downloaded, it tells you nothing till you try to close it.  The same is true for Firefox.  However, Google is the worst of the 2. Both just tell you a file is being downloaded, “Are you sure you want to exit?” So, since I am new to JAWS, I want to know if there is a setting that will tell me the completion percentage of the file being downloaded.    

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