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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

That makes my husband really nervous too, but I'm not all
that good, and so appreciate the help I get with tandem.

Bye for now,


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I am always very hesitant to have someone else poking around
in my machine and making changes. I prefer them to talk me
through it and then I make the changes and know what was
changed. If I do feel I'm in over my head and have someone
else make changes, I am always very sure that I have a
current image back up should I need it.
There has been times that I have had Microsoft accessibility
tinker around with my wife's machine and I simply had to
restore the image because the fix created many other issues
that were not present prior to it.
This is not to cast a negative aspersions on Microsoft
accessibility or any other tech savvy person on the list.
This is only passing on my experiences and I feel when you
have other people make changes to your machine if you are
not learning what the problem was and therefore can't have
no way to fix it in the future.

On May 27, 2017, at 11:30 AM, Carolyn Arnold
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The advantage to Tandem is that someone can help you with
your program
like VFO or Microsoft Disability, even good and savvy
people from the
list in some cases.

Bye for now,


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Subject: A Jaws tandem question

Hi all,

I need to download the latest version of Jaws 17. I see
that there
are 2 versions. The tandem and the nontandem versions.
The tandem
version allows for tandem sessions while the nontandem
does not.

OK, my question. What possible advantage could there be
downloading the nontandem version?

Many thanks,

James B

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