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Carol Smith

Hmm, does that stand for "does cloud", grin.


On 5/27/2017 2:10 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Adobe Reader DC is simply the latest version and has options for storing documents in the cloud, but this is not something you have to do, you can still use it as always simply to open and read PDF documents you have saved to your computer.



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What is the difference between Adobe Reader and Adobe Reader DC  Thanks


On 5/26/2017 4:51 PM, Tom Behler wrote:

So is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


Tom Behler



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Adobe Reader is a free one that can be used.

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What should it open with?

My options are Windows Photo Viewer, Paint Microsoft Word and Office Picture Manager.

Some pdf files I have can open in Balabolka. 


On 5/26/2017 3:00 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Carol,


1st, press enter to open the PDF file!  LOL 

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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I would like to read a pdf file with the Convenient OCR program. It is
not working.  I did it once on the first day I received my copy of Jaws.

Steps taken:
located the file in my user folder
pressed jaws key plus spacebar
pressed O and then D

I did the same thing again today.  When I get to the press of the d, I
get a sound and nothing happens.  Is it possible I a) either made a
mistake in what I did, or b) changed something in Jaws that won't allow
me to do this now?

Thanks for the help.




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