Re: Jaws and "Combo Boxes"

Shirley Tracy

Yes, you are correct that down arrow opens them and up arrow closes them--but sometimes the reverse works. I can't always key in the first letter--and you have to do it quickly on mine--because sometimes there are 2 or 3 choices that begin with the same letter, and it quickly picks the first one in the list before I can hit it again. And I find myself sometimes needing to read through the options in the box. Sometimes it works well and sometimes not.

I used to use my computer much easier than it seems to be now. Wish I could go back to XP--but then I couldn't do all I want to do, especially online.

Shirley Tracy
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---- Bill White <> wrote:

I believe you have it reversed. It's ALT plus Down Arrow to open, ALT plus Up Arrow to close.

I often use Space on the combo box to open, then use first letter navigation.

Bill White

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What keystroke do you use to open combo boxes? For the most part the correct keystroke is Alt+Up Arrow to open and Alt+Down arrow to close, sometimes enter works to open and close a combo box and sometimes you can just start arrowing up or down or use first letter navigation.

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Are any of you having issues with “combo boxes?” They used to work fine, but in recent months they have been giving me trouble. Some still work fine; others work now and then, but I have to struggle with them. I don’t know if it’s the fault of JAWS or updated websites. The two most important sites where I depend on them are my bank, for transferring funds, and my Spectrum mail server (, where I transfer messages from my inbox to various folders. For example, I have 3 folders that begin with the same letter, and guess what happens? Yep, it always goes to the wrong one. I’m getting frustrated and wonder if there’s a better way of working around this annoyance. Any thoughts?

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