Re: A Jaws tandem question


one benefit would be is if JAWS is being used on a computer that is not
connected to the Internet, there would be no need to have the tandem
feature installed, therefore saving hard drive space.
these days of such huge capacities of hard drives, I can't imagine it
would be much.

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Subject: A Jaws tandem question

You will still have the same functionality of Jaws, but without tandem. This
would be just like the days when it wasn't around.

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Subject: A Jaws tandem question

Hi all,

I need to download the latest version of Jaws 17. I see that there are 2
versions. The tandem and the nontandem versions. The tandem version allows
for tandem sessions while the nontandem does not.

OK, my question. What possible advantage could there be to downloading the
nontandem version?

Many thanks,

James B

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