Re: Managing Key Labels in JAWS


if you open the jaws screen and press f1 you will get all the books of instructions for all your questions.
you press enter on a book you want to read then press f6 to switch to the reading pane to read them.
the hardest thing is trying to find the options. grin
you can use the search box and type in keyboard labels.
this should show the key label menu options.
once there all you have to do is arrow down the list of keys and press the space bar on the ones you want silenced. they will change from speak to muted. some you can not change though. like the shift,alt and control keys.
once you mute all of them tab to apply to save your settings then ok to close the list.

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From: Stanley Haupt
Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2017 8:12 AM
Subject: Managing Key Labels in JAWS

Where can I find more information on managing key labels in JAWS? I did listen to Main Menu last evening and I also heard the FS-cast from Jonathan. I think that I need step by step guidance to learn this feature.

I want to turn off tab, return and the function keys 1-12.

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