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Gudrun Brunot

I've had that also, but it is erratic. Sometimes, it reports the number
correctly, then, due to some fluke, it starts to say a certain number
regardless of the number of files in that directory. I remember I was doing
a transcription job and encountered this, and my reaction was sheer panic--I
contacted the project coordinator and asked him to resend the files. Then, I
worried about knowing where in the project I was, since all the files had
files named per a numbers protocol... Finally, I got wise and stopped
panicking--at least on that score...



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In my documents insert up arrow reads the name of the file or folder, but
the numbering is not correct. I hear this or that of 23 all the time, even
though I may have 100 items.

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On 5/27/2017 11:31 AM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
In my experience, Insert Up Arrow reads the current line.

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Subject: file index

I sent a question to VFO tech support concerning how to get Jaws to give a
index number when arrowing down a list of files and folders in file
explorer. In other words when arrowing down the file name is spoken
followed by 1 of 20 etc. Their suggestion was to use insert up arrow to get
this info. When I do this it repeats the line I am on but does not include
a index number. Anyone getting the insert up arrow to give a index number?

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