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Exactly. It's image recognition software on the FB servers that is doing the work not the screen reader. And that software is a monster that requires huge amounts of resources to run and huge databases of images to draw it's conclusions from.

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Even on Facebook, like, my sister sent a picture, and JAWS
announced man and woman at table.

Which, if your sister herself did not enter that alternate text, is probably an "under the hood" function that Facebook is using to run photos through image recognition (akin to and putting its results in as alternate text when the picture is placed.

I have never seen a native screen reader function for this under any of the major screen readers, but all will read alternate text if it is available for an image.  On my business website I have put alternate text for most images (many of which are actually Microsoft Word-Art saved as images) so that folks know what's there even if it isn't all that important.  My logo uses word art for the business name, "Bri the Tech Guy"  (usually mispronounced as bree rather than bry) and I have that read out as, "Bri the Tech Guy rainbow text image."  But it's not the screen reader that's figuring this out, it's just using the alternate text I've provided. 
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