Re: Putting Jaws to sleep

Matthew Horspool <mhorspool@...>


There are two advantages:

1. Sleep Mode only applies to specific applications (unless you've applied
it to the default file, of course). As such, if a window from another
application pops up over the top, JAWS will automatically come back up.
This is particularly useful if the window doesn't make a sound.

2. You actually only need to set this behavior up in Settings Centre once -
JAWS will remember to unload itself automatically when that application
gains focus from then on.


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Is that "sleep" different from using Insert plus F-4? I know the latter
actually shuts JAWS down, but it seems quicker and easier than going to the
Settings Center. Just wondering what advantages there are of using "sleep"
over just unloading JAWS and restarting again with control plus alt plus j.
I'm probably missing something.

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