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I tried the direct download.
It said "configuring system for JAWS" and started ticking.
It never stopped ticking for an extremely long time.
I turned the pc off, and when I turned it on again, JAWS was loaded at the new version.
Go figure!

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Don't know why, but I couldn't get it to install on my home machine. I
just finished a new download from FS, and will try it again tonight. I
hope to install it in the office later this morning.


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Hi All,

Below are the direct download links for the latest version of Jaws13,
13.0.527. Choose your operating system & click on the link. It is
suggested to save the download to your computer, in a place you can
easily, & run the update from there instead of running / installing from

For 32 Bit Systems:

For 64 Bit Systems:

Hope this helps. Take care.
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