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Howard Traxler <howard@...>

I started to use outlook express on my windows 10 machine; then windows came along with an update and removed it, along ith my address book and all my mail. We have no control any more, it seems. Give me DOS!

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From: "Gene Stevens" <guy.stevens@...>
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Sent: Friday, May 26, 2017 10:46 AM
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Actually it works quite well on Windows 10 V1607 using Jaws 18 and accessing ATT email addresses. I have had no issues in the nearly 48 hours I've been using it. In fact this entire series of emails has been sent and received using it.

It looks just like I remember it on XP and I have no problems what so ever with it and Jaws.
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Carol, the versions that are there are beta programs which means they
most likely have problems. and last I heard is that the version that you
can get by paying a nominal fee doesn't work well enough to be used with
a screen reader. since Microsoft doesn't support Outlook Express any
more, it's likely that it'll be very difficult to find any assistance. I
wouldn't bother with it.

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From: Carol Smith via Groups.Io [mailto:carollablady@...]
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Thank you. I am getting enough traffice right now that this would be a
good time to test it. I will put this email account on it and see how
it goes.


On 5/26/2017 10:33 AM, Gene Stevens wrote:
As far as the info provided on the site states yes it will run on
Windows 7.
The Windows Mail App is part of Windows 10.
The download link is...

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*From:* Carol Smith via Groups.Io
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Does it work on Windows 7? I thought it was not supposed to, so
that is why I don't have it. By the time they got most of the
bugs out of WLM, I had already gotten used to Thunderbird. Also,
how does Windows Mail work, if it does at all, on Windows 7? Thankd


On 5/26/2017 9:22 AM, Gene Stevens wrote:
Found something interesting last night. I found a copy of Outlook
Express 6 that seems to be running quit well on windows 10 V1607.
As I'm not a high Email user and I don't much like the Mail App I
thought I'd give it a shot since there seem to be issues with
So if some of you are old enough to remember OE and don't like
the offerings of today perhaps this is a good solution for you.

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