Re: file associations and audio files


after winamp is open:
press control+k to open the settings.
type f until you get the file types category. if it says that it is
closed, press the right arrow to open it.
press the tab key to the all button and press the spacebar.
press shift tab to the close button and press spacebar.
now all audio and video files should start playing for such files on the
hard drive.

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From: Jed Barton []
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 10:57 PM EST
Subject: file associations and audio files

Hey guyts,

OK i am drawing a huge blank. I'm running windows 7 and jfw 18. I am
trying to make it so all my mp3 files play in winamp. When i would
highlight a bunch of them i'd do a right click and i'd have a bunch of
options like q in winamp, play in winamp, etc. I have winamp
installed, but those options aren't coming up. Any ideas?



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