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Douglas C. DeCamp

I purchased a new Dell 7040 I7 6700 machine with Win 7 installed, but with an installation disk for Win 10. I installed an Intel solid state drive and then installed the Win 10 system from scratch. I then installed Office 2016. It has worked extremely well for me.
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May I ask: When you switched did you upgrade on the same PC or get a newer generation PC with win 10 on it?
I ran win 7 on the latest generation hardware then upgraded the OS.
I am asking because I am doing a informal study and would like to have all the facts to have a accurate result. Thanks.
On 5/24/2017 2:10 PM, Douglas C. DeCamp wrote:
I have been using Win 10 for about 5 months now and am much happier than with my old Win 7 system. Some critical web applications I use had become mostly unusable under win 7, but now work well on my Win 10 system. At least for me, navigation and search are also much faster and more convenient. I am incredibly happy with Win 10. The learning curve took a while because I also upgraded to Office 16 , but once I got going all is fine. I would never willingly go back to Win 7.
Just my personal experience!

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Hi, I have been using win 10 for a couple of months now. I am running on the latest generation hardware and I dont see any real improvement over win 7. Actually my perceived acessibility is grater in win 7. Programs and Jaws play nicer together and I dont have to deal with Edge at all. Is this just me or do any of you have a simular experience?
Just trying to get a feel for others experiences. :)

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