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Ted Drake

Hi All
I manage accessibility at Intuit, so I can help with clarifying the current situation.

Quicken was Intuit's original product and helps people manage their budgets, investments, and balancing their accounts. QuickBooks is the product for small businesses. It manages accounting, sales, invoices, employees, payroll, and taxes.

Intuit spun off Quicken last year; it now runs as its own company. Intuit's management felt like Quicken was no longer fitting into our core strategy and it would have a stronger future as a standalone product.  Quicken has kept the majority of its engineers and most importantly their lead accessibility manager. Quicken made a change several years ago to modernize the operating system and accidentally made accessibility worse. We gathered a group of blind customers to beta test fixes and began a concentrated effort to restore keyboard and improve label accessibility.

The  Intuit/Quicken separation process took a while, but their team is back to working on accessibility and product quality. I still keep in touch with their team and have great confidence in their commitment to accessibility.

Quicken should work a bit better with JAWS than Window-Eyes. We discovered an old script was bundled with the JAWS product. We made some improvements  a couple years ago to provide some additional labels for controls. This script is free and you shouldn't need to download anything.

You can find more information about Quicken at

For basic budgeting and categorization, you could also try Mint. This is the free product from Intuit. It's a web and mobile product that does much of what Quicken covers. Mint doesn't provide Quicken's deeper reports and insights. It does have a method to pay bills. Mint's mobile apps provide a more accessible experience than the web site, but we are continually making improvements to all platforms.  You can find more information at

QuickBooks isn't the product for you.

I always welcome feedback on the accessibility of our products. Our product teams value customer insights.

Thank you Les for your your response.

Ted Drake, Intuit Accessibility

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