Re: which financial software workss best with screen reader

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I think accomplish cash manager or something like that is the best out

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Hi, I can't help you but I am also interested in this question. I have jaws
11 but will be upgrading to jaws 12 eventually after my new equipment is
purchased and I want to know about this. I had to quit using quicken years
ago because it was becoming less and less accessible with jaws and I am most
interested in what you hear on this, so please keep me posted at
jdprater@.... Thanks, have a blessed day.
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I am not seeking product endorsement, per se. But I am interested in
migrating out away from Quicken which seems to leave me at frequent
places without JAWS telling me what I am wanting to know. So, I am
wondering which financial software is best for JAWS, current version
12, just for simple financial household management but can still also
utilize the online transaction downloading from banks and credit card
institutions. I wonder in particular about Money Talks from APH,
which is designed for using with screen readers, and actually has its
own screen reading speech option if you don't happen to have JAWS or
another screen reading software. Are there users of MT who may guide
me? The version of Quicken I am still using is 2009. I assume that
our current version of JAWS has the best available working scripts
with Quicken 2009. Is this at least partially true? I also will
assume that the newest version of Quicken, which of course they are
trying to sell me when I open my Quicken is not yet working well with
JAWS. Does anyone know?

Thank you. and happy 4th of July.
I have NPR playing grand American band music today. Good stuff.

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