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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

The headset alternative sounds a wee bit safer. We're not in DOS anymore, and I wouldn't touch the registry without a good Windows manual, and, as far as I know, none exist. Where have you gone, Peter Norton?


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Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: safe mode

So you are suggesting hacking the registry to get speech in safe mode? This
is very risky business. How is this accomplished? Please provide explicit,
step-by-step instructions.


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From: Jonas Voll
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To get sound or audio in safe mode use a registry entry or a USB head set,
to turn on audio!

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Unless something has drasticly changed between windows 7 and 10, no
screenreader will work in safe mode. This is because without extensive
modification, Windows does not load audio drivers in safe mode. So while the
screenreader may load, you very likely won't get anything out of it.

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Sent: May-24-17 5:43 PM
Subject: Re: safe mode

Window Eyes will work in safe mode.

On 5/24/2017 4:38 PM, William Vandervest wrote:
does anybody know if jaws or any other screen reader will work in
win10 safe mode?

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