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so who is male Siri?

On 5/24/2017 2:30 PM, Mario wrote:
as I know, Karen is Karen Jacobsen of Australia and Daniel is John
Cribbs of England. BTW, Siri is Susan Bennet of Alabama.
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Subject: Vocalizors and their people
Wouldn’t it be cool if we actually knew these people as they
originally wer/are? However, some/most might’ve died out but left heir
recordings to use for voices with JAWS/decktalk and other things. BY the
way, I believe Caren’s already married to Lee—another Australian, you
know? This is just my opinion.
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That’s our girl! Hope Colleen never finds out.
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Are you talking about Karen from Australia?
Man, I’ve had some big time fun writing scripts for her to say!
And that’s all I got to say about that! LOL!
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Subject: Re: Do not have liquids when listening to this
How about slowing down your listening speed? LOL. The JAWS diffult is
set to 15, slower then snails.
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Subject: Re: Do not have liquids when listening to this
Well, pilgrim, how ‘bout The duke reading your shopping list oh, how I
wish I could write that in Winterset, Iowa dialect)! I’m personally a
fan of Vocalizer’s Karen, but reading at my speed means I can’t use any
of them, except Eloquence, for very long.
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Subject: Re: Do not have liquids when listening to this
Well, "sexy" is in the ear of the beholder, that's for sure.
I've found some of the "foreign" (for the United States) accented voices
on Garmin, particularly one of the British female and Australian male,
voices to be rather mellifluous and somewhat sexy. Everyone's mileage
will, of course, vary,
I don't find, for instance, the SAPI voice "Microsoft David" that I use
with NVDA "sexy" but I do find it, in many instances, particularly when
it's reading through something at beyond the letter or word levels to be
remarkably lifelike in most instances.
Not knowing the synthesizers that various people are using it's
impossible to suggest generic ways to search for a "sexy" voice for
them, but I'd be willing to bet that someone has created them, even if
they're not commercially available, but it's a matter of finding them.
Inflection, breathiness (or lack thereof), and vowel duration are a lot
of what get's tagged as "sexy" when you think about voices in real
people that are described as sexy. These are parameters that it's
possible to control in a speech synthesizer.
It would be an absolute riot to create a "femme fatale" or the male
counterpart thereof synthesized voices for use with anything, screen
reader or not. I don't think that anyone would use the most "over the
top" versions for any period of time, but they could make for great
entertainment value over a short term.
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